Grow your salon business.
Receive bookings and money while you sleep!

Bookingsia helps barbershops & salons increase sales by making it easy for people to book you.

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How it works

1. Discover

Let thousands of people discover your profile!

2. Book

Customers book on their own from anywhere, anytime.

3. Reminder

Customers get automatic reminders so they won't forget.

Leave it to your customers,
95% prefer to book on their own

No need to answer calls and texts while working. Let us become your virtual receptionist, available for your customers 24/7 across mobiles, tablets and desktops.


Free website ready in 5 minutes

  • Let people view all your services and book with an easy-to-use website. Upload beautiful photos with the Instagram-style stories slideshow to give the best first impression.
  • Put your link in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. Customers can help share your website link to their friends to bring you more customers.
  • Build online reputation. Every review will be verified that it’s from a real customer – so people will trust you and book with confidence. Turn new customers to regulars.

Online booking website

Automatic reminders for customer

Are you tired of manually calling every customer to remind them 😓?

We send automatic reminders to customers via notification, text and email. Reduce customers not showing up for appointments.

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Let customers book first while they go shopping

Potential customers leave when they see too many people wait in your shop. If 4 people leave per day, that's 120 people per month, you lost thousands of RM 💸

Place our QR code in front of your shop so customers can book and come back later. Avoid overcrowding and stay safe from Covid-19.

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Manage appointments together from anywhere

Have you ever received calls from your home but the notebook for writing appointments is at the shop?

Say goodbye to manual booking errors. Centralize all your online and offline appointments into 1 shared Calendar. More organized, all employees can view daily jobs and update it.

Calendar Management

Nothing to lose, everything to gain!

No upfront payment.
No monthly subscription.
No credit card required.

Since you don't need to pay anything, why not just try it?

Frequently Asked Questions

We send multiple automatic reminders to customers to reduce their chances of forgetting. If customers still don’t show up, you can ban their account from booking. We also plan to introduce no-show fees in the next version.

Our website is very easy to use even for non tech-savvy people. If you have any difficulty, just WhatsApp us here for help. As a new user, you can set up your site on your own. Or we can help do it for you for free!

Don’t worry! No need to install mobile app because we have a web-based solution too. Just google for website and they can start using it right away from their mobile browser.

Social media can't do bookings efficiently. Customers need to message you, wait for your reply, and text multiple times to find a slot where both of you are free.

According to Digital 2021 Global Report, 42% of Malaysia internet users discover new brands and products through retail websites. This is higher than ads on social media (41.8%) and ads on TV (36.6%). So having a web presence is super important because it's the most effective way to gain new customers who've never heard of you. Show all of your services, price, opening hours, portfolio photos and many more.